• Change starts with you.
  • Why the hell would you want to do that? Nothing has created and fought more wars than democracy. It is the single worst system of government there is.
  • The one way NOT to do it is by forcing it on other countries that don't want it - THIS is what causes wars. The United States has a bad habit of doing this. They go into a country that doesn't support what America is selling, then they create conflicts to provoke an attack on America or another country. This justifies America to either declare war against them or just launch attacks "for the sake of Democracy". This is what they did to start WW2.
  • Theres no hope of that. Kill every politician in the country and all of their sponsors ? Name an honest politician that has made a difference for the people in the last 40 years? There isn't one in any western country.
  • Illegalize Democrats.

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