• It depends on the crime. If they steal I would encourage them to give back what they took. If it’s something more serious like murder yes I would turn them in because they must understand the error of their ways. Murder goes against the rights of the victim which is immoral. I would never be friends with a killer even if they are a relative since I am a pacifist. Violence and war is wrong. When it comes to revenge, violence is never the answer to resolving problems. It makes matters worse. I would never be friends with a soldier because contributing to war is not the answer to making peace. War is for corrupt people with violence on their minds.
  • That depends on the nature of the crime. I would certainly urge the friend to turn themselves in. If the crime were violent, I would likely turn them in.
  • Not if he or she is a best friend. lol
  • bit shallow a friend just reporting him for a reward ..B UT if he he a violent criminal Yes report him / ..cops must want him bad to have a reward ..but seeing he is a friend..dont take the reward,
  • a major crime, yes

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