• It's child abuse.
    • Charin Cross
      and indoctrination!
  • I don't think it belongs in schools other than in a very watered-down form. It's something children should be aware of, but not something which should be dwelled upon in instruction.
  • The question is too vague to answer. Taking a stab at it: in this day and age, of course children should be warned about the existence of such things. (Note that in my case, I never heard of or even imagined such a thing as "homosexuality" existed, until a friend in high school told me that such people existed. Of course transgenderism didn't hit the news until several years later.)
  • I agree with 1465. I wouldn't send my child to that school. But there are a lot of reasons I wouldn't send my child to public school anymore.
  • Its out and out wrong and immoral.
  • I just don't think public schools should be branching out into this sort of controversy at all. We pay them to educate, not indoctrinate. When there are so many kids leaving school without the basic skills needed to read and write a job app, or balance a checkbook, why bother with extracurricular stuff. Focus on what you are supposed to be teaching instead. If this sort of thing is at the college level, then I'm fine with it.
  • First I think it depends on the grade. I believe homosexuality, transgenderism shouldn't be taught until high school. The issue to me is there are gay teens and other high school students whose belief is they are trans. Teaching such concepts is inclusive. However it is taught it should be done sensitively and framing the topic that is sensitive to the entire class's feelings, values.
  • a very good reason to home school my kid(s)!

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