• They elected their version of Democrats.
    • RJ
      They elected their version of Republicans!
  • The correct answer is: no one knows for sure. As far as I know (I might be mistaken), the general consensus of scientists is that they were slowly but surely out-performed by H. sapiens sapiens (i.e. us). That is to say: we survived better, and (therefore) we usually won any conflict, and so little by little they were forced from the best places to live...and then even from the worst places to live...until they became extinct.
  • They didn't buy GEICO insurance and never took advantage of their extended car warranty after it was offered to them a thousand times.
  • Are you sure? Maybe they are our bigfoots? lol
  • They got shot by Sasquatch-haters.
  • They elected their version of Republicans!
  • Several reasons:
  • They didn't, exactly. There is Neanderthal DNA in lots of people. They were most likely assimilated into homo sapiens, and are likely the cause of the "racial" differences among us. As early homo sapiens ventured out of Africa, they stopped off in Eurasia and bred with Neanderthals. Then the resulting progeny split off and some bred with Denisovans in Asia... Homo sapiens and spaiens/neanderthal hybrids were more adapted to survival than pure neanderthals at the time, so here we are.

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