• Better touch screens employ TWO methods: heat-sensing (capacitive) and pressure-sensing (inductive). Inductive works even when you are wearing gloves and even when the screen is wet...but by ADDING the more traditional capacitive method to the inductive method you get a more reliable, more consistent response. (I.e. it works just as you expect almost every time, no matter the conditions.)
    • Tami37612
      So I'm Not Telekinetic?
  • I'm not sure I understand what bible-reviews is trying to say...I just placed a piece of paper on my phone and tried it. It appears they can work through paper.
    • mushroom
      There are different kinds of touch screens, some of which will not work well through paper. Many older signature pads at checkout registers were not able to work through paper or plastic and required a stylus.
    • Army Veteran
      I think you're missing the context of the question and offering too broad of a spectrum in your comment to me. There may be different types of touch screens, and by your assessment, they will all work through paper - some just not very well. And what signature pads at checkouts have to do with the question is beyond me.

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