• The Afghanistan fiasco proves to me that Biden is not sufficiently competent for that office. At this point, I would even rather have Trump in office than Biden.
    • pipey
      The Afghanistan withdrawal agreement was orchestrated by the Trump administration. Trump was the one who freed thousands of Taliban prisoners. Trump was the one who gave the Taliban everything it wanted in the agreement. Trump refused to co-operate with Biden in the transition period and let his staff work with the State Department on issues involving Afghanistan. Why would any honest person blame Biden for what happened?
    • 1465
      OMG! I can't believe you actually believe the malarkey you just spewed. If Biden can change every other Trump policy (which he did), why is it he couldn't change the Afghanistan policy? The answer is, HE DID. He changed it to destroy America's credibility, just as he's done with immigration, the Keystone Oil Pipeline, and everything else he's ever touched - including back before he was President.
  • The supply problems we face now are minuscule compared to the problems in the first three months of the pandemic. I can get anything I need at the grocery store now, but I couldn't back then. Remind me who was President in spring 2000. Covid cases would be way, way down if we didn't have a large segment of the population brainwashed to think that going along with public health measures was some kind of horrible infringement on their rights. We have a political party that is willing to let hundreds of thousands die or have permanent health problems just to make Biden look bad.
  • Biden is way better then Trump
    • 11stevo73
      HOW PLEASE TELL? What hasn't Joe messed up?
    • 1465
      @ 11stevo73 - don't waste your time. Deniers don't have the intelligence to prove anything - making up stories serves them adequately.
    • Hulk70166
      At least Biden isn't Putin's sub. lol

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