• Yes. I don't believe in ghosts or bad karma. The only thing that would give me pause is that some silly, gullible people DO believe in those things, so the house might be hard to sell if I eventually wanted to do so.
    • OrangeDonRump
      I'm with ya 100%... people die in their homes all the time.
  • The real test of whether a house is haunted is whether the NEXT owner says its haunted, not the original claimant. So it would depend on the haunting origin.😈
  • Sure. But I'm not cleaning up any blood, and I would try and get a reduced price just to see how anxious the owners are to sell it.
  • oh no way!!!!!! feel bad for the departed
  • No. I don't like the idea of living in a place where something like that has happened.
  • yes I know a bloke that got his home for a steal 20 years ago because 3 people were shot in lounge room. My friend has never seen any ghosts there yet.
  • never!!!!!!tut tut ....... why is old post always on top..... i dont scroll down to see if i have commented days earlier!!!!..... site needs to say we have already answered the question
    • Linda Joy
      There is usually a check mark on the ones in the list you've opened. The most recently posted or answered post is first. And if you post twice kindly flag it as a duplicate so we don't get 10 answers with only 5 real posts.
  • I would flip it to the first Democrat I could find.
  • I have a house that’s across from me that used to have this old man that lived by himself. On December 15, 2021 was the day where my mom heard him screaming really loud but the rest of us were in the house not hearing it. Next thing you know that there was a dead body covered in plastic bag came to be shipped to autopsy. Fast forward to today, a new person moved in. I wouldn’t buy a house if it’s was me.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom died on Dec. 15 back in the 90's Two people have died in the apartment above me since I've been living here.

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