• Defund the research and see how quickly the whole thing dies out. It's nothing but a scam. The earth goes through natural cycles that redefine the landmasses and rid itself of pollutants. Ever hear of the "hole in the ozone" scare of a few decades back? It was the "climate change" scam of its time. You never hear anything about it because it lost its "glitter" and fell by the wayside. It's the same with "climate change" - it's nothing but a scam designed to exploit research funding. A handful of people are getting rich by convincing ignorant people that the earth is warming or freezing - they can't even keep their story straight.
  • the solution to global warming is simple. PLANT TREES!! They say the world is heating up because of increased CO2. Trees "breathe" CO2. We have been systematically destroying HUGE areas of rainforest, jungle and habitat all over the world FOR DECADES, and climate change is the result. You can't cut down this much foliage and not have a consequence. It's just catching up to us. Join and support the trillion tree project.

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