• There's no telling what you can pick up at a fair! Reheating is not a food contamination issue. How its maintained between and before the heating could very easily be the issue. Generally speaking cooked food should be kept at room temp no longer than 3 hours total. And refrigerated at no more than 3 days total. At least that's what they taught us back in the '90's when I was managing a restaurant. Usually blowing out the offending stomach contents is enough. All that medication may have contributed to the swollen stomach. I sure hope you feel better!
  • When you're talking about fair food, more than likely the server never washed his hands before serving you and you may have contracted a touch of salmonella. Cooking some food ahead of time is a common practice to cut down on the preparation time during hours of operation. They'll cook it the night before and then keep it in a refrigerator. During hours of operation, the re-heating time is reduced. This prevents waste while allowing them to serve a freshly made product.

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