• Well you could. But I would recommend you dont make your objections while you're still in china. International Uyghur rights groups report that more than 630 Imams & other Muslim leaders have been imprisioned in "re education camps since 2014. many recent news articles indicate china has damaged or destroyed THOUSANDS of mosques in the Xinjiang region of NW China during the past 3 years. Oddly enough , none of this activity ever seems to make it into the headlines..
  • Depends on details. IF, for example, the mosque were the (former) headquarters of an Islamist terrorist group, then no charge of "lack of character" ought to apply. On the other hand, if the mosque had been both legal and peaceable, then Hilton is making a mistake in a number of ways. If the mosque had been illegal but peaceable then Hilton is making a public relations error.

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