• You are not understanding the term stoned. In Old Testament law being a witch is punishable by death. The method of killing a witch is by throwing large stones at that person until they die.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Not much for sarcasm, eh Dougie-cakes?
    • Shadowfire the Sarcastic
      Not surprised. There's always one, lol.
  • Great to see you here, Shadow... given that the US is more and more a "legal pot" country, you should have no problem fulfilling that particular Cult-Bible scripture. -J
  • You're stoned until you are senseless?
  • All of the men (adult males) of the city are to gather together in a circle around you and throw stones at you until you are dead.
    • OrangeDonRump
      See THE LIFE OF BRIAN for more details.
  • I see that you have made it from Yahoo. I stopped by on my rounds and I noticed you. Anyway it's funny how you should talk about being stoned and being a witch. That's the very reason why according to Jewish law that witches were supposed to be killed by having rocks thrown at them until they were dead. Witches or as the Bible calls them sorcerers and the word in the New testament is pharmacia. Literally means those that manufacture drugs. Apparently whoever wrote the Old testament didn't like drug dealers very much. So what we're actually talking is when you find a drug dealer drag them outside the city and throw rocks at them until they're dead. In today's culture that might be a darn good idea those people that are out there selling dope that kills people.

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