• The only people who say the Moon landing was fake are those people who are trying to get a rise out of you.
  • I expect about 99% believe it was real.
  • Glenn Rutherford of the Louisville Courier-Journal reported on July 23, 1969 “Thanks to some homemade electronic equipment, including a rebuilt 20 year old radio receiver from an Army tank and an antenna made of spare pieces of aluminum, nylon cord and chicken wire, a small band of Louisvillians was able to ‘eavesdrop’ Sunday night on the American astronauts’ conversation directly from the moon.” Pretty good trick for a fake landing. Besides, the Soviets had launched their own Luna 15 probe three days earlier to spy on the landing, not only to scoop the report, but to scoop some Moon dust too, but their probe later crashed. Imagine how they would have called foul had it been a fraud.
  • I believe the moon landings were real. Given the political situation at the time the USSR would have cried foul if they thought the moon landings were faked, they did't. Also NASA relied on a world wide network of astronomers to monitor the mission, were all of them in on the conspiracy?

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