• When I was 16, a girl asked me if I would take her on a date. I told her I would love to, and I went to pick her up and she introduced me to her boyfriend. I told her I was confused and thought we were going on a date, and she said her boyfriend didn't have a car, so she was asking me if I would take her on a date, not if I wanted to go on a date with her, so I left her and her boyfriend without a ride to their dinner reservations. Her boyfriend dumped her sometime between when I left and the next day. Anyway, to answer your actual question, I was 21 the first time I went on a date with someone. It was a blind date set up by some coworkers of mine and they actually intended it as a joke, because they were not really very nice people. But I suppose that counts as a date. It was only a couple months after that that I went on a real date in which the girl and I were interested in each other at the time, so, either way, 21.
  • Depends on what you consider a 'date'. I was told I couldn't date till I was 16. But when I was 15 I left home to live with my bf. Not because I intensely wanted to be with him, but because I felt a need to protect myself from my stepfather who molested me. I had little bf's from the time I was about 8, but all we did was kiss. I think the first technical date I had was at 15 or 16.
  • I think I was 15 or 16, if you can call groping in the park shelter "dating"
    • Professor Yaffle
      I remember we went to see the film "Mask", I guess that was a date. I was 16,

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