• I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper. I was one of 6 people criticizing a local councilman's aversion to strip clubs. The online argument lasted three days. One the third day I criticized him sexually, saying he'd like to be a player but he can't because he's too fat, old and his sister is an anti-porn crusader. On the fourth day after I just went online to check for responses, my pc went into black screen, downloaded something and never worked again. It was scary because this guy was a councilman and I was going on to newspaper website. I thought both sources were safe. They weren't. Somebody located me, and cracked my pc. 😖😕😗
    • Victorine
      It wasn't the newspaper's website -- anyone's website -- that was a problem. It was that what you wrote angered some individual enough to attack you. And you should have known better. Mature adults don't write as you did. If you're engaging in a debate over a local issue, you keep the discussion intelligent and civil; you don't fling childish personal insults. People who do have to accept the consequences -- though I'm not condoning the actions of whoever attacked your PC, assuming it wasn't just a coincidental virus. By the way, I have no problem with strip clubs myself, but there are some reasonable grounds on which to object to them.
  • i have met online some lovely friends
  • Best: Helping others find solutions to dire real life problems. Worst: I've had someone 'stalking' me for over ten years trying with various profiles to get me to friend him. This person has made it to where I now refuse to accept new friend requests unless I know the person. Just last week there were two more such posts I suspect were him.
  • I got a copy of Mechwarrior 5. I loved Mech 4 and wanted to get the update. At the time it was advertised as being compatible with Win7. However when it came out it was compatible with Win10 only, and needed additional updates like a new sound card and more ram. As a result I couldn't use the game. When I tried to get a refund they said I waited more than 30 to claim a refund. I had "gifted" it to the corporation. lol😕😖😒😓 Its not like I bought a toy and tried to return (already used) it to the store, it was a download. I don't get the 30 day part. It was a way to rip off customers.

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