• No. Its past time.
  • I have a pretty amateur understanding of this stuff, but...Yeah- seems like we should be figuring things out now before it gets heated. It wouldn't surprise me if the US did it first via Blue Origin or Space-X. Did you see the movie Ad Astra with Brad Pitt? "Here we go again. Fighting over resources." I worry more about a Kessler effect from the ridiculous amount of satellite constellations being approved. Then we all go nowhere.
    • Linda Joy
      Our youth need to get the space trash collection and disposal system up and running! Where's the space vacuum cleaner?
  • Fun fact: The USA and China both signed a treaty promising not to cache any weapons on the Moon, nor station any military personnel there for hostile purposes. I get the feeling that neither of those two parties expect the other party to stick to that promise, and therefore, will not stick to that promise. Self-fulfilling prophecy?
    • Linda Joy
      They'll both have military and weapons on the ships though! And the first break in the treaty nullifies it.

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