• Unfortunately, as long as you keep bringing the smell into your car, it will be impossible to get rid of it. So either a) deal with the smell, b) get a new job, c) bring a change of clothes, an airtight container for your work clothes, and a portable shower to work, or d) waterproof the interior of your car and then wash it with soap and water and let it air out over night every time you want the smell to go away.
  • Febreze. There are also recipes online for homemade febreze. You can make it with vinegar and vodka or vinegar and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol is to make it evaporate faster. You can add fabric softener beads or your favorite scent. If you need a link to the recipes for homemade febreze let me know I'll grab you one.
  • Clean the car, change your clothes before you leave.

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