• I need some advice. I met this girl (let’s call her AS) through a mutual friend about a year ago. We went on a diving trip together. A few weeks after that I went to Europe for studies. We kept in touch occasionally. Then when I returned we went on another diving trip and after that trip we texted each other daily and I developed some feeling for her. We used to chat almost every night for nearly a month and played online games together (with other friends). Then she arranged for another dive trip (me her and the mutual friend who is my colleague). While chatting in a group chat (created to discuss the trip) some small arguments came and she said is can leave the group if wanted. Which I did and I also didn’t join the trip. The next day after I exited the chat group she texted me saying ‘oh I just realised u left the group. I also just exited a few groups myself, wanna play online game later?’. I felt she was disconnected and didnt reply. This was one week before the trip.a few days later I replied to the mutual friend that I wasn’t gonna come for the trip and that I will pay my share of the already paid cost. The mutual friend said ok and and asked if I could pass back the book that I had borrowed from AS. I was hurt that AS asked for the book through this friend and not from me directly. I said ok and left it at that. On the day of the trip I was playing the game and saw AS in the lobby, I didn’t engage her and continued playing. She knew i was online. When I finished playing I realised she has blocked me in the game, unfollowed me on insta and removed me as her follower. I then texted her on insta and said this is childish and wished her a good trip. Then I texted her again and told her I don’t want to lose her as friend and said sorry if I had hurt her. Her reply was curt ‘ No worries, let’s move on with life, have a good one’. I replied not without u in it. The next day when I knew the dive was over, I texted her on WhatsApp asking how was the trip and if she missed me. No rely, the following day when I knew she was driving back from the trip I sent her a song ( song about a friend asking another friend not to be sad). No reply as well. The following day when I knew she was gonna be at home, I texted her saying since the trip is over, can she quit being angry with me. No reply, later in the day I sent an unfunny meme. No reply. Then I was preparing for my own upcoming dive trip and needed to get dive insurance (AS volunteered to get it for me when we were still talking). So I texted her and asked for the site to purchase the insurance. She read the msg and immediately blocked my on WhatsApp. I then called her, and she cancelled the call and blocked my number. That was 10 days ago and I’m still blocked. She still hasn’t blocked me on insta and I can still text her there but I have refrained from it. My question is why did she block me? Our mutual friend is not behaving as cruelly as she did when I didn’t join in the trip. Should I text her after so much time has passed. I am feeling confused and would like some closure: any suggestion is welcomed.
  • No. I'd only have to be blocked once to get the message. Unless she's an immature teenager or bipolar and does this to everyone at every little tiff like someone I know. But in romantic situations no means no. This is your romantic guidance angel pointing you in another direction. Think about it... Do you really want to do this at every little tiff? I'd patiently wait for the RIGHT one, someone more mature and mentally stable.
    • Assinah
      Thank you.
  • If she blocked you she doesn't want to talk to you.

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