• I have Diabetes and trying to reduce my sugar intake also I had a former Family Doctor said that sugar we eat makes Arthritis symptoms worst and causes more aches and pains
  • I'm a raging sugar-holic! Everything tastes better with at least a bit of sugar😈. But I did notice my pulse rate started going dum-dum . . . . another dum-dum. Ahh, at my age that shouldn't be happening😖. But each time I had tinie-weenie bit too much sugar (like maybe a tablespoon or so) too much back was pulse beat. Then one day after a small binge, the phone rand, I leapt up and ran through to it. When I got the that interval between dum-dums went on for around 15 - 20 sec and scared the crap out of me😗. I totally cut sugar then had serious withdrawals. About two weeks later I got over withdrawals. Since then it's been max 50 grams/day!😊

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