• Not sure what your question is. Many herbal remedies do work, but most of the good ones are regulated by the government now, and the OTC options, whether herbal or not, tend to be too watered down to do anything good or bad, generally speaking.
  • Definitely! I got some turmeric over the counter because I read it was very good as an anti-inflamatory. Not just for arthritis, but including arthritis. It helped. I also purchased peppermint oil for my CPAP machine not only it is antibiotic/antibacterial for the water, but now I no longer need the medicine I used to take to keep my nasal passages open so I could use the CPAP machine. I was so impressed I got the lavender to make aromatherapy bears for children. Its supposed to be calming. Most of our medicines come from plants anyway and not that long ago it was all we had.

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