• Not sure exactly what you mean or what evil has to do with it. There are many genetic conditions that can cause adult women to have a small stature, such as Turner Syndrome, but whether a person is good or evil is dependent upon unrelated factors.
    • Ian Lockhart
      hy are they evil they kill people for fun the Movie Orphan had a woman with the condition
    • Ian Lockhart
      why are they evil they kill people for fun the Movie Orphan had a woman with the condition
    • Linda Joy
      Google sociopath. Something is wrong with their brain. But that is separate from dwarfism.
    • bostjan64
      Hmm, looks like my comment was lost or deleted. That's the first time I recall that happening to me. Anyway, I've seen the film, and there are two separate conditions depicted int he character, which are unrelated to each other. 1. The physical condition is called "hypopitutarism." 2. The mental condition is called "sociopathy." 3. There is no link between the two. Like, someone can be left handed and also be able to yodel, but that doesn't mean that people who are left handed have any tendency to yodel.
  • Having that disease is usually not a personal choice. How they react to their disease and the courts determine whether they should be allowed amongst the general populations or which restrictions are necessary. Its usually the court psychiatrists or defendant's psychiatrists that determine whether they are accountable for their actions or if their mind wasn't working properly and they really had no choice in their behavior. Ideally these problems and threats to society can be identified and treated before they harm anyone. Natalie grace is an example. But supposedly her biological mother came forward and said she was born in 2003 and she had to give her up because she couldn't afford the surgeries. She has dwarfism, and probably some mental issues from being in an orphanage for five years even before what all else happened to her! I don't know what the truth of the matter is. But if she was legally 22 at the time she should have qualified for medicaid for her surgeries. The whole situation is sad. They should have set up video to record her strange behavior if it existed. I hope the autistic son is doing ok.

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