• Don't think getting people's social media accounts proves anything. Tell them to go to the the CDC website. If they still don't believe, call your local Hospital or Urgent care. In most states, there are places that you can drive to get tested. I would not drive to confirm cause I would NOT want to get infected,
    • Black Mystique
    • Lujigi
      Unfortunately he want to see real infected people to believe
    • Linda Joy
      Sounds like this 'friend' wants to CATCH it! Dumb friend!
    • 1465
      The CDC website is a scam. I have a copy (that they have since deleted) proving that to maintain high COVID numbers they have to use less-threatening pneumonia and influenza numbers to boost the totals and call it COVID.
  • I think some people do feel like that, I did a bit, but then I heard that a friend's flatmate had it (tested positive), and my friend then had to self isolate, and most recently, I've had family members tested positive for it, and yes, they did display symptoms, high temperature, cough, body aches, feeling nauseous. They said it is not nice at all, and scary at the time, and it does linger. Her husband works for the NHS.
  • Your friend can choose to believe that till the day he dies, it doesn't change the facts. Maybe covid 19 doesn't believe in your friend either, but it could kill him just the same.
  • I know many people that have died and others that are suffering the after effects.
  • I don't know anyone who has died from it, and no one I know knows anyone who has died from it. I have seen stories about people dying from it (even George Floyd was diagnosed with it - after the fact). But I have also seen cases where people have died from natural causes and other more common issues that were reported as COVID deaths. You can't trust the "official" narrative and you can't trust the CDC or the WHO - and you certainly can't trust lying Fauci. Maybe by looking at you and considering that you haven't been infected, your friend is using common sense and not jumping to conclusions like most of the people in this country have.
    • Hulk70166
      1465 "and you certainly can't trust lying Fauci" So I should trust you? What medical school did you come from?
  • My neighbors nephew died from it. Some of my in-laws have had it and recovered.
  • Yes. My neighbor, who was diagnosed with breast cancer (a recurrence after 17 years clean and clear!) around the same time I got my first diagnosis towards the end of 2019. She was sick for a time, but recovered, though she still has breathing issues. I'm clean and clear now, but her cancer has spread, making her terminal.
  • Yes I know a woman friend who was in the hospital due to COVID. IDK if it was the Delta variant I do know she's home. I'm overjoyed for her. A 2nd woman friend knows a woman who came down with COVID too. Its real The CDC, Anthony Fauci MD is right.
  • There are several people on this site who think that all they have to do is get sick, go in the hospital for two weeks, get natural immunity and not wear a mask. I don't want to wind up in the penalty box, but if you've been in the Politics and Modern Events section you already know who the anti-vaxers/maskers are. They are more afraid of the mask than they are of the virus. They are also allowing the virus to grow and mutate. They should be in jail and so should Gov DeSantis of Fla and Gov Abott of Texas. imho. lol😊
  • well its real ,theres no reason for governments around the world to make it all up... but governments should not become dictators just the same
  • I know people that have died!
  • I know several people who have died and are currently infected.
  • Myself and one co-worker.
  • I had it last December. The flu, I thought was much worse. My wife had it too. We were both ill for about three days.
  • A woman friend and a woman friend's mother in law. Plus a male friend.
  • I know people that have died!

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