• Well Mr. Smarty Pants .... I was going to name all of those ... but you just beat me to it ! 😄
  • Ass: Asinine
  • Glad you specified! When I first saw the question I thought, can't any adjective apply to an animal? I have to look up a list and count how many of them I know because you've listed all I can think of off the top of my head. Good to see both of you again, Ice man and Lobotomy Club!
  • Squirrely, elephantine, reptilian, serpentine, simian. There are many others, but these are words I might have used. I mean, have you ever though to use the word cricetine, even if you kept small house pets?
    • bostjan64
      Squirrelly generally refers only to mental state. A more general term might be sciurine. The only people I've ever heard utter the term "cricitine" were biologists. I think those other examples are all quite representative of the vernacular lexicon, though. Something that might be on the cusp between the two would be a term like "apian" - people involved in agriculture would likely use the term, but the typical non-biologist urban dweller might guess it has something to do with apes, rather than bees.

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