• The federal deficit is the most misunderstood thing in politics. Who owes the money to whom and for what? If you get the answer to that, then you'll see your second question from a different perspective.
  • I don't believe most of these exaggerations, that included. As for children, I don't have any so that is neither here nor there.
  • It has exceeded trillions of dollars for many years. You only see the visible budget there are many invisible (behind the scene) budgets the people in general don't even know about. As long as the Federal Reserve Corporation controls the currency our children's children's children will never pay it back or off.
  • It usually is, what makes this exceptional this year is that the US will be farther behind in it's repayment and will be charged more interest too. Trump will be a president to leave the economy and finances in far worse state that when he started.

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