• Since the description is covered with twitter buttons, here it is again: Bleach, in case you don't know, is extremely toxic. Twitter users are urging people to drink bleach in order to avoid (2019-)novel coronavirus infection [ source: ] Even if the suggested amount is below a fatal dose (I'm not sure it is), it will mess a grown adult up for a few days, at the very least, or kill a child. Do these people get some sort of sick pleasure out of this or what?!
  • All you have to do is google it to find out that's not true. But bleach diluted to the proper levels works to kill many germs....though I've never heard of anyone recommend drinking it!
  • Well, being as how these are probably the same idiots that were eating Tide Pods, it'll just work itself out naturally.
  • When rationality is replaced by fear, some folks are quite gullible. Perceived fear is worse than actual circumstances.

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