• I highly doubt it.
  • It does not seem so, since you credit the source. Likewise: if you were to quote a sentence from - say - "Winnie the Pooh", and you cite your source, such a minute copying does not contravene copyright law. The law is worded something like, "copying in substantial part". So: if you didn't ***copy what was on that web site*** in substantial part - that is: if all you did was record yourself ***doing what the web site instructed*** - then it seems to me that there is no copyright violation.
  • Copyright violations generally involve profiting commercially (any use that makes money) from the use of someone else's intellectual property without their consent. There are provisions called "fair use" that might help you, but you'd have to be the one to check that out since you know what you're looking for and how the information you need pertains to your situation.
  • I believe since you gave the site credit then its not a copyright violation You can sleep easy tonight

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