• If one person decided to live as harmlessly as possible, it won't make any difference. If our culture changes to be more conscious of the environment, it will, though. Personally, I use electricity and pass gas daily. I don't think there is a way around it. However, my home produces solar power, I am vegetarian, I drive an electric car, I use a reel mower, I grow a portion of my own food in my own garden, and I do what I can to reduce waste. I understand that even if 8 billion people lived my lifestyle worldwide, it wouldn't be enough, but it'd be going in the right direction. I'm on the local energy board, and I participate in local politics. I've spoken with national representatives, but they are busy and I don't think it's made much difference, honestly. But everything has to start on the local level and work its way up - that's how we make sure that a program isn't totally impossible before wider implementation.
  • It's not about personal sacrifice, it's about everyone making smarter choices. I have reduced electric usage with efficient lamp bulbs, which can save more money than the initial cost and certainly have meant fewer balancing acts on a shaky stepstool. I use motion/daylight sensors for lighting inside and out - which is more effective than timers. I eat less red meat, mainly for health reasons. Cars use less gas, as evidenced by fewer gas stations clustered along the roads, and are often more powerful than cars from 15 years back (So I have an old car. It will be replaced eventually by one no doubt more efficient). I try to consolidate trips and walk whenever practical. Not sure about the 6pm lawn mowing, though cooler mornings are better for the grass (and me). I'm not exactly a green thumb, but I try to plant appropriately for available light and less watering. I have not been involved in political action on this subject, nor do I admonish people for their personal energy choices.

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