• I've planted dozens of trees, either seeds into pots to be transplanted later or transplanting from pot into forest. I've done this in Michigan (northern Macomb county, as well as in the forested area just outside of my University campus), Indiana (honestly, not sure where, exactly - somewhere north of Indianapolis), and in several locations in Vermont. Does it make any difference, in terms of deforestation? Probably not, but I like trees, and it's a good activity to get out and connect with the outdoors for a short time.
  • I've planted trees many times. But only to make my yard look better.
    • mushroom
      Some town offer to plant trees free of charge where they can also provide shade to passers-by. Would you believe some homeowners turn them down?
    • Archie Bunker
      I would. I only like certain kinds of trees in my yard. No oak trees for example. Too dirty and the damn branches are always falling off. And being that I don't have neighbors or a sidewalk, I could care less about passers-by.

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