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  • Satan is the god of this world, but ultimately God is in control of it
  • The Gospel is the hope of the world. If you do nothing in your part to spread the Good News, you are what the Bible calls "idling." Matthew 20:6 "And about the eleventh hour He went out and found others standing. And He said to them, Why do you stand here idle all day?"
  • Satan is the tempter and accuser, as in the Devil's advocate he can't make you sin he can only influence and set the stage. Even Paul said it best to hand a man over to Satan in certain conditions so that he'd reach bottom quicker and hand himself over to God by realising the lust of the flesh, and the trappings of the world.
  • Jesus already won the fight, on the cross.
  • Yahweh has already stripped Satan of his powers. Satan has only the power given to him by mankind. His power is very limited. Satan cannot destroy this world as much as he would like to, Yahweh will not allow it.
  • Joe Biden maybe the anti christ hes one of their followers for sure. Doing nothing is allowing it to happen you arent as righteous as you think you are gutless and useless. Standing their doing nothing is what grandpa did look at where we are at today. Wake up stand up speak out .
    • Thinker
      Trump is who I am watching. He is dangerous. If he should be acquitted of all the charges against him and becomes the Republican nominee, he will win the presidency. Because he is an egotist, he will believe he can do no wrong he will soon become a dictator sidestepping congress with Executive Orders. What people fail to realize he can have two terms because Biden separated Trumps terms? This gives him 8 years of control. He set everything up in 2020 for his benefit. Covid 19 was his ace. If he won he would suddenly have a cure for Covid. If he lost, he could dump it off on Biden to come up with a solution. It has all been planned from the beginning and We the people are the ones who lose. If you really look at the matter and do some indebth study from a Biblical point of view Trump is the more likely anti-Christ for the USA.
    • 11stevo73
      theres something wrong with you. Look at what is happening in the world open your eyes, Wake up. Doing nothing is sayong you aprove of what is happening..
    • Thinker
      Just the opposite. I study and read and also listen to what is being said. Trump is very dangerous because he has ideas of grandeur. Should he, by some reason, become president again he will believe he can do no wrong and those who follow him will carry him through. His desire is to become the king and dictator of the USA. Should he be elected, he will have 8 years to accomplish his selfish desires. He is out for Donald J. Trump only and will walk on anyone opposing him.
    • 11stevo73
      Trump isn't currently president he lives in your head you are a fool end of story. Who started all the wars the USA is currently losing? Do you care about homeless people or drugs everywhere ? You would rather bang on about Trump than talk about what is currently happening and fix it hence why the USA will fall and take its allies with it. thanks for that keep giving all weaith to corprate scum. Don't you ever say you tried .
    • Thinker
      I well know Trump is not currently the president of the USA. I am saying what could be if he were to be elected again in 2024. I am not pleased with what Biden is doing either. Yes, I care about the homeless but if you check you will see many of those homeless desire to live that way. Drugs are out of control and as long as people desire them will it be so. So far I have seen no one that is a leader or leader material. People expect the government to take care of them, which it won't do. You need to do some study of the Illuminati, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commision, the Rothschild family, and the Federal Reserve Corporation. You have no idea who is controlling this country and the world. you need to educate yourself.
    • 11stevo73
      Who is controlling the world ? Joe Biden sure isn't who controls that pos? You're the fool that voted for Biden and you tell me to educate myself pathetic

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