• That depends on the synergy factor: the interaction or cooperation of two or more [...people] to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. But you're probably in school and since no one else has helped so far I'll give it a shot. First of all you need to focus on what they're asking. They need to know how many in 3 hours. So 3 hours has to be your common denominator. Willie is easy. Its already in 3 hours so Willie gives us 13. Aaron's numbers are for 6 hours so we have to convert that to 3 hours by dividing by 2. 21/2 =10.5 Ryan is a little more tricky in order to put this in a 3 hour format you're going to have to divide by 2 hours to get the amount per hour, then multiply that by 3 hours. 19/2 =9.5 (per hour). 9.5 x 3 hours = 28.5 so now you add 13 + 10.5 + 28.5 = 52 So the answer is 52 questions in 3 hours (not accounting for synergy.) But you really should be using a homework help site because they can probably explain it better than I can. I can't even see how its being taught in your text book or check to make sure my answer is right. Its been years since I did this stuff!
    • mushroom
      With certain friends, I was unbeatable at "Trivial Pursuit."
    • Linda Joy
      I can easily believe that! You'd probably kick my butt! I haven't played that game in probably 30 years! I remember my ex actually getting mad at me for knowing an answer. It was something like spelunking or paleontology or something to do with science. I wonder if they have an online or solitaire game...

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