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  • They work only if both people are willing to work it out together.
  • They suck but are doable if you have to deal with it. I mean if you think about it, the people who are serving in the service are often in long distant relationships and obviously it's something that you have to deal with. Like it or not u.u
  • They are doable if you are able to ....I won't go there.
  • Thats the best kind!
  • i think that they aren't nearly as good as others, you never get physical attention which is bad. those are also the quickest relationships to fall apart.
  • They aren't any fun but if the relationship is worth it you have to do what you have to do. My husband and I lived 2 hours apart when we first started dating. It was hard but we made it work and are happy we did.
  • I think it is possible, it depends on the people! I know it would be hard but good luck to you if you can make it work! :O)
  • It depends on the distance. If the person is "geographically accessible" (Lives in the same state but in a different city) then it could work. But if the person lives in a different states then it could be very difficult. Especially if neither person is making plans to move in order to be with that other person. Everyone is different, but I was in a long distance relationship (Me in NY and he in California) and it didn't work at all.
  • its possible...and can be romantic too
  • I think long distance relationships can work... It is a very hard thing to do, but it can be done, if the two people love each other enough. I have a girlfriend that lived in Vermont and I lived in California... We dated for three years like this... Then she moved out here to California and we broke up. Haha Go figure...
  • Its definitely hard, but it xan be done. My boyfriend and I have been dating six months. He's 25 and lives in Wisconsin and I'm 20 and just moved from New Jersey to Georgia, but go to school in Florida. If you can follow that. He isn't in school, but we both work together for my dad's company running snocross and atv races. Its alot of traveling and it is hard but there are dad's company pays for all the airfare and hotel :)...and of course drawbacks not being able to go to all the races because of school and another job, and of course working with your boyfriend AND your dad at the same time and having to make your relationship "work appropriate" and not being able to rip eachothers close off right away...that is until you get back to the hotel :) if you care about the person enough and dont obsess about every little detail...its definitely doable.
  • I've had long distance relationships that were mostly healthy, and unaffected by the distance. We broke it off for other reasons. I think they can work, but be prepared for lots of work and high phone costs if you both don't have the same cell carrier. =)
  • In my experience, its never panned out because of lies that were told and others things that I'd rather not get into. Every situation is different and my situation is in no way the norm. If you think its worth it despite the distance, for for it. Life is full of risks and you will never know if you don't at least try.
  • They stink. Try to avoid them at all costs.
  • Personally I don't think they work. Not if you're really serious about the relationship.
  • Personally I dont think they have much hope of surviving. But I know people who are single and some who are married that live apart and can maintain a relationship, communication is the key element and of course satisfaction, if both parties are happy whos to say if it is not working?
  • there is a saying in spanish that goes like this:"amor de lejos, amor de pendejos." have someone you know translate this for you.
  • It's hard to maintain anything long distance. Let alone a relationship with a human being.
  • I've been in one long-distance an adult. For me, it didn't last..but it wasn't just because of the distance. For some people, it can work...if you work hard at it, both want commitment, and you're open, honest and can communicate. Unfortunately, in my case, I seemed to be the only one who was able to do all of those things...
  • it depends on people ... if they love eachother and respect both of eachother... and think they want to stay with eachother it will last... but don't forget that people change by time... i never been in a long distance relationship... it never work for me.. bcuz i get bored if nothing happened too quickly i hate to wait..
  • i think that you must trust the person and love them well enough to be far away from them. BUt if you don't trust them then it might not work out.
  • I wouldn't mind starting one if there was a good chance of us eventually living in the same area. Otherwise I'd probably hold out for somebody who at least lived within an hour's drive.
  • they usually dont work -
  • I've been in one. It sucks.
  • From personal experience I don't recommend them. But every relationship, long distance or local depends on how much work 2 people are willing to put in.
  • Im in one right now and it is killing me but I am going to move up there with him so i think it will be so much better when i actually get to hold him again. I got to go to his prom and it cost me 700 dollars for a dress and assessories and a plane ticket but it was the best time of my life. Long distance relationships take a lot of strength and love but they can work out
  • It didn't work for me but I hope it can work for someone else!
  • They hurt to a certain extent. The utter NEED to be with them facing the miles.. kills sometimes. But the love that is shared is worth it. Tisnt for the faint of heart. ~+~
  • i am in one right now and it is hurts so much to be away from the person everyday but if you love that person and u can trust he or she i know things will work out like i do with my relationship i can barely talk to him but i know we will stay together for how ever long it takes that is true love
  • I definitely don't reccomend it. I went out with someone for a while that lived in louisiana, then went to visit him and couldn't stand his personality. That kind of stuff just doesn't carry over the phone. I would try it again, but I would be a lot more cautious.
  • well their good i you have a trust worthy partner you have space but you will want each other more you will njoy each others company better just have trust thats it
  • Out of sight, out of mind might sound a bit harsh. But it is very close to my personal truth. I just don't think of long-distance relationships as something real, but more like a desperate, unspoken plea "come to me". Naturally, I am not the type who develops feelings for someone I can only "see" online.
  • in some ways, the suck. major time.
  • It doesn't matter the distance. The relationship will be what it is either way.
  • Don't waste your time...
  • My sister and her husband, after 2 years of dating, had a long-distance thing because he was in the military, was shipped all over, eventually to Bosnia and they made it work for 5 years. Then got married, and have been together non-long distance for 12. It can work. I was in one, that I was happy to call non-exclusive (we had been together, on and off 6 years, then long distance 2, then together 2). The tenuousness of our connection, and the fact that I though it silly for us not to date others on a casual basis, who were local, as long as there was open communication between us- I didn't, my ex did - made it work.
  • i think that long distance relation ships some times work.....its funny i ment my boyfriend through my xboy friend on halo3 and i love my boyfriend no matter what i talk to him through yahoo messenger and xbox he told me he loved me in a funny way we where chating in yahoo messanger and we had this drawing up he did not think that i could see anything he drew but i did i thought it was so sweet we have been going out for a coppel weeks even though he lives in new york and i live in michagan we broke up once for a really bad reson this other gye was in love with me at my school he started to cry because i would not go out with him so for 24 hours i felt so gulty that i was not going out with my real boy friend so i belive.......that long distance relation ships do work..!!!
  • Unless you are already in love, before the distance I would shy away from this. It's hard enough to have a good relationship close by, long distance adds confusion, questions, doubt, and no hugs!
  • Cruel and unbearable
  • Don't do it unless you already started the relationship when it was not long distance.
  • They don't work very well. You have to have some together time to really know another person.
  • They don't work
  • i'll tell ya ive been in one and it didnt work!! when we were together all worked great and had an awesome relationship but when she left things just started to fall apart its hard to continue to be in love and loyal to someone when all you do is talk on the phone no physical interaction and i dont just mean sex but being together and doing things together it becomes very hard also you dont really know whats going on wherever he/she is..
  • It is very stressful and it takes a lot of commitment for it to succeed. It would have been better if it never get started in the first place.
  • They have a higher rate of failure because you have to try harder than a normal relationship would have you work. And just like a regular job, if you working really hard, and you aren't getting rewards for it, you are going to want to quit.
  • Don't Bother. Been there, done that.
  • A waste of time.
  • there are plenty of other ways to break your heart without looking that far
  • Didn't work in my 2 cases.
  • one person always wants more and typically it doesnt really work out. I was in two separate one's at two different stages of my life.. the first one i am still friends with, the second im not.. also the amount of distance could determine the outcome... if you are in one now, just follow your heart. all you can do is try.
  • a Long distance relationship is ALOT of work, it is very hard.... But if you truely love someone you can make it work.. It has to be 50 50 ALL THE WAY
  • Its obviously not easy, but if the love is real what else do you do? So you do it because you cant imagine life without them and the thought of trying to live without them would be far worse than long distance. So you focus on what is good and realize if you can make it through this that there isnt likely to be much you couldnt.
  • I think it's rare for it to happen.
  • lots of cyber sex
  • do-able
  • They work if you are willing to put the time in. It's like all relationships. However at some point someone has to make the move if it's going to last "forever" sort of thing.
  • Well my husband and I have been married for 11 years and we do not live together. We are happy. We see each other about once a week. We never fight. It works if you put the effort into it.
  • I was in the US Navy for 20 years and was away for about 10 of them...It sucked...I ended up screwing around which ended up in divorce......Of course her deciding she like women better than men didn't help.

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