• Maybe the parents were on LSD or Meth... poor parenting goes way back. Retarded is not a choice, It's a condition the bearer has no control over. Please stop insulting the true retarded people by confusing retarded with people who are smart enough to know better and make stupid choices, which we've all done at least once.
    • Archie Bunker
      I think it's the disconnect between parents and their kids. It's easier to leave your kids to their own devices (literally, ie, their phones) than it is to parent them. The vast majority, I believe, of kids these days have no respect for much of anything. The law, their elders, hard work, or consequences of their actions. I blame the parents for most of it, but I think common sense is lost on the kids now. I think they're making the conscious choice to be idiots. Mainly just so they can get a few more likes on Instagram.
    • Linda Joy
      It's definitely a different environment. But I wasn't diligently parented either. My father left when I was two and my mother went to work leaving me in the care of my teenage sisters. We were allowed to play unsupervised till the street lights came on.
    • Linda Joy
      I see a few really good parents too though especially in my Church and some that are not religious that put in the effort required to be good parents. It's difficult when single parenting and working to be adequate at either, much less good at it without a LOT of help. My boys (son and grandson) are geniuses, and as far as I know neither have ever been in jail. Some would consider that successful parenting for children raised in poverty. I don't. I wish I could have spent more time with them. But I thought being an example of a good worker and provider were important as well. My son could have gone on disability in 2 nd grade, but I didn't want him labeled "disabled" sure the money would have helped, but I never wanted him to see himself that way. He got a job at 16 and has worked since. I never once had to suggest it.
    • Archie Bunker
      I hear ya. My daughter is 15 and seems to have no drive. I wonder where that comes from but then I'm always working to provide her with a better life than I had growing up. I was working in a grocery store when I was 11 and working construction on the weekends. My father instilled in me a strong work ethic. Now with my one, I think I was too easy on her. She has a good mother, but one that would rather be her friend many times than her parent. Left on her own most of the time (no one likes hiring a 15 year old for a job nowadays), her face stays buried in her phone. When mom and dad are working, it makes it harder.
  • The World is not enough!
  • not all of us are like that
  • The internet and cell phones are mostly to blame. It gives a nobody a chance to raise their low self worth. A phone is now God to most humans.
    • Archie Bunker
      I couldn't agree with you more. Loss of socialization skills. Disconnect from actually having to function in society. It's sad, man. This is where the snowflake generation comes in. Always offended by real life.
  • Here's The Undead..Life of Our Own lyrics.. We were raised by a computer We never had no mom or dad And the rest of our life story Is surely just as sad Abandoned by the ones we loved In a world we couldn't understand We never had no reasons So we never made no plans

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