• Yes I heard he got put in his place.
    • Ice man
      Really ? By who ? This should be interesting.
    • Anonymous
      The internet is going wild over a conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau ... via @YouTube
    • Ice man
      It's good you posted the link, because I think TBO misunderstood your question.
  • I watched a few different videos, apart from the one you just posted, and I have to agree it certainly looks like Trudeau's eyebrow was falling off. I don't know if he wears fake eyebrows or not, but if he does ... I think it's pretty funny ! I have to wonder if some of what we were looking at wasn't doctored up, some of the pictures seem to be altered to where it almost doesn't even look him. Lighting angles and shadows are my question in some of the other photos, he has deep set eyes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending him, merely pointing out that things aren't always as they appear. Especially in an age when Photoshop is used constantly. Here's a (funny) good example from last years 2017 G7. ......
  • no, i didnt see that

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