• God created mankind as an expression of his love​—he wanted to share life and happiness with humans. Doubtless, God experienced great joy in fashioning physical creations of all kinds, so that man would be surrounded by beauty and plenty. Above all, humans were to have a meaningful relationship with their Creator, knowing him and communicating with him. They were created to live forever under perfect, peaceful conditions.​—Genesis 3:8, 9; Psalm 37:11, 29.
  • To gain a physical body, to grow through experiences and grow love and empathy, to learn how to use and control our bodies and thoughts. But mostly men are that they might have joy!! If you're not enjoying life you're doing it wrong and you need to make some adjustments. And I'm saying that more to me than anyone else.
  • To love God and fellowship with him. To be a living example of his word in my life. To love my spouse, children and my neighbors and all living things God created.
  • That will always be a mystery. Wherever i happen to be may my life add to the life around me.
  • not sure, inn still trying to figure that out
  • To teach others of the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Well, it's like this darlin'....mama started puffin' daddy and one thing led to another. :P
  • I was grounded for goofing off : )
  • To procreate and spread my seeds.
  • To do good deeds)

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