• Ice man
      I understand your shame. You should get yourself a "Peter Heater". Like I did.
    • Roaring
      Speaking of peckers, I heard three of them banging their beaks on the wood on my walk this morning. (yes a different pecker) ; )
    • Ice man
      I've been watching flocks of big Canada geese passing over on their way north lately, and the big snow banks are shrinking so it won't be long now until the smaller birds start coming back, robins will be the first. Today I noticed green shoots starting to appear in my flower beds beside the house.. Right now the warm days and cold nights are perfect for tapping the maple trees of their sap. It will be a good season for making maple syrup.
    • Ice man
      Yeah but .. were they "redheads" ?
  • Finally Friday and today (3/24) Beautiful day in the northeast.
    • Ice man
      Same here, I'm so sick of winter.

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