• I seldom look higher than a woman's breasts. Why would I ?!
    • Ice man
      So does that mean you like women with hairy tits ?
    • Lilo Avli
      Absolutely ! They keep me warm in Winter and I can practice hair-braiding in the shower in Summer.
    • Ice man
      So the girls think of you as a man of all seasons ?
    • KfX
      @Lilo Avli - Great answer!
  • I don't. What their life is about. This I wonder.
    • Percussion
      Probably trying to figure out how to grow hair again.
  • Depends on the shape of their head
  • Does she have a pulse? ...jk...Some can be, but if there's any tats on that noggin, no way.
    • Ice man
      lol I agree, it suits some but on others ... not so much. For the most part I also agree about tattoos. I've known someone who had an eyebrow tattooed, over the scar tissue, where their eyebrow used to be because of a bad accident. You had to be really really close to see that it was a tattoo. But otherwise if they have Asian writing or stars & butterflies tattooed across their head ... they ain't comin' home with me. : )
  • Sinead O'Connor looked alright, back in the day.
    • Ice man
      I respect your opinion, but personally ... I didn't think much of her opinions back then ( she was big on "let's keep our noses out of dictators taking over the world" ..very immature), or her lack of hair style. It's okay to disagree, so long as we don't attack each other. You've piqued my cuurosity with your answer. Would you be kind enough to say roughly how old you are ? I don't want to know your birthday, just a rough idea of what age group I'm discussing things with. :) .
  • Yes i do think. Every individual has their own unique personality. there are women who doesn't look beautiful even having nice long hairs, short hairs, curls, etc... and some women only looks good in short and some in long and few women only suits as bald. Bald personality is unique style of some individual which i also like very much but only on few ladies. For me only looks doesn't matters to judge women she is sexy or not, being sexiest women includes overall personality of a women for me, like her hairs, eyes, smartness, voice tone, body language, whether she is negro, African, american, Asian, etc.
  • Personally no. I like short hair and even buzzed can be cute, but most heads do not look good without hair. I feel the same about men though. Of course there are exceptions. Someone already mentioned Sinead and I think Vin Diesel looks good bald. I can't imagine that guy with hair, weird.
  • I think some are.
  • Indeed, not all - the skull shape is very important!
  • probably to some guys
  • Depends on the girl, some look awesome bald while others not so much.
  • i dont see why they wouldnt be
  • Hmmm.... hair (or lack of it) alone does not determine "sexiness". A bald woman with layers of fat and dressed in a curtain would not be seen as "sexy" by anyone. Well, other than by a fetishist on hippy crack. Even then he would probably be American and suck on her toes.
  • Not bald, but a buzz cut can be sexy.
  • Some can be. Honestly, for me it depends more on how sexy her body is.
  • "I likes to go swimmin with bald headed women, I'm Popeye the sailor man!"
  • They can be. It gives a much better gauge of her face.

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