• My own 1972 750 Norton with a belt-driven blower and a single Tillotson 44mm carb feeding both cylinders. Most everything else stock. 175 mph guaranteed. High-end acceleration was...
  • A Harley Davidson back in the 70's with the Hells Angels , I was stranded in Georgia by my girlfriend who left with her boyfriend and they gave me a ride to the bus stop , they were very kind and helpful to me + 5
  • I have a brother-in-law that is president of a motorcycle club, and Arisztid is a rider, but I've never been on one. (in Arisztid's defense, he is currently ride-less)
  • Most likely that would be a 65 Harley FLB Panhead. I own a 96 Harley FLHCUI Ultra Glide.
  • That would have to be my own Gsx1100et that had been bored out to 1750cc, fitted with real wheels/brakes forks and the rest. But if I can upload the pic i'll show you another one which I like
  • I own a 07 gsxr 1000. yes its fast. no you cant ride it.
  • I'm going to answer as if "baddest" meant Gnarly, arm wrenching, bloodshot eyed, dirt eating demon spawn on wheels. A machine that machine guns fist sized rocks, and tosses you on your head from time to time. (And you never want your mom to see you ride) For me, that would be a Kawasaki KX500. The absolutely brutal mid range would literally bring tears to my eyes. The throttle doesn't hesitate to correct you when you crank on it with disrespect.
  • The guys have always told me I'm a real good rider. But I don't know what I'm sitting on. Sounds kinda bad, huh?
  • Ducati 900SS :P, this thing was nutty..... insanely fast...
  • well i am a hardcore kawasaki guy, and i have won a lot of money drag racing my ninja, but the baddest bike i have rode (for a 1/4 mile that is) is my bro's 2002 suzuki gsxr1000 with nitrous, nothing like knocking on the 8 second door in a quarter mile. plus at 150 feet out when that giggle gas comes online you have now left drag racing and entered a rodeo!!!!
  • My current ride
  • I once with almost NO ridding experience whatsoever took a quick blast on a HD Screaming Eagle my boss had just picked up. I think he musta freaked out seeing me give'er the beans and the sum bich nearly put the fear o' God in me. It was customized and fast as F***!
  • Vincent Black Shadow. John
  • My old trike. A KZ750 Zephyr hardtail with Ford Escort RS rear axle, four into four pipes with no baffles, and three passenger seats. A baby buggy slotted perfectly under the rear. Miss it badly! Shown here with my mate Stee and his nephew outside the old Green Dragon in Brighton.
  • 2006 gsxr-1000... makes you feel like freaking spiderman.. sooooo fast and light.
  • I was 8 years old. The bike was a honda Z50. You never get the same feeling as you do on your first ride. It feels so fast. I've ridden loads of other bikes. Nothing sticks in the longterm memory the way the first ride did.
  • 3 bikes I have ridden that were pretty bad ass are Yamaha XS 1.1 Suzuki GSXR1100 Triumph Daytona 995i
  • 1979 KZ450/Single cylinder motocrosser,I had just overhauled it for a customer and test rode it...Imagine a 2 stroke powercurve combined w/the torque of a Mack Truck...
  • 08 Honda CBR 1000 and currently have
  • Kawasaki kh 750 two stroke triple,and my bike a Kawasaki gpz 750 turbo
  • Suzuki GSX1100E wins hands down. The only other bike I've riden was a Honda XL125 Trail bike... No comparison really...haha

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