• 8-10-2017 Oh! That sounds SO smutty! I love it when you talk like that!
    • Linda Joy
      You were turned on by the intellectual aspect though, right? I could tell you're a deep thinker too. lol!
    • Linda Joy
      Nope - thinking is not sexy?
  • The Lord God gave us the ability to fantasy. It is actually healthy to do so unless one puts those fantasies into action that is against the Law of Love. Fantasies relieve stress. They can imagine anything yet not harm anyone.
    • Linda Joy
      I think it's ok to put fantasies into action with your spouse if they're into it. A little role play can be fun occasionally.
    • Thinker
      This is true Linda, Fantasies are fun!
    • Thinker
      You mean you can put a fantasy into action only with your spouse? Why not others as well as long as it is consensual?
    • Linda Joy
      It wouldn't be.
  • depends on what youre thinking about
  • Deep thinking baby!
  • Many people subscribed to Playboy for the articles, or so they say.
  • I prefer someone who walks around in/with a haze. :P
  • Daydreaming is common among people young and old. Done in moderation, it can be a normal, healthy activity. However, too much of even a good thing can be harmful. Proverbs 25:16 says this: "If you find honey, eat only what you need, For if you take too much, you may vomit it up."
    • mushroom
      Honey starts out as bee vomit, so it's all part of the great circle of life.
    • Linda Joy
  • Thinking is a limited form of our existence.... Beyond thought there is the light of your Soul, which few people experience, because they are always lost in thought..... When the mind is still, without any thoughts running through it, the happiest moment of your life presents itself.

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