• I don't think that's an accurate assessment at all. If anything... I'd say you have that the wrong way around (from my point of view, of course). I know some who are vegetarians and some vegans too, for that matter. I don't hate any of them and couldn't care less about what the eat . I eat meat and get along fine with these folks. Honestly I can only think of one that I didn't, but it wasn't because of what he and his friends ate. It's because he was my ex-brother-in-law, and a complete asshole to begin with. Whenever we were around (this was 20 years ago) his circle of friends at gatherings , we could feel the hate and they weren't shy about making, uncalled for, rude remarks when they knew we were within earshot..
  • I have nothing against vegetarians. I probably eat more vegetables than the average vegetarian. lol
  • Why hate vegetarians? More meat for me!

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