• Linda Joy
      That's a nice fantasy but seldom works out in the real world!
    • beaker95
    • Linda Joy
      Amen to that! I thank god everyday for my fantasies!
  • Yes, actually, but there are some whom I wouldn't lead there. Someone else can try getting through to them.
    • Linda Joy
      some people are toxic that's for sure! You have to protect yourself as well.
  • No one is denied the chance to change their is up to us.
    • Linda Joy
      yes it's up to each individual to choose for themselves.
  • The Lord God assures us of redemption if we put our trust and love on the Lord Jesus. He provided the way but it is our choice to receive.
    • Linda Joy
    • Thinker
      I will have to say Pervyrude comes very close to being beyond redemption but I will still hold out hope for even him.
    • Linda Joy
      with some people you have to look a lot harder to find the good. But I believe it's there
  • 9-26-2017 Dead people are beyond redemption. I mean unless you are mormon or something. My brother got baptized fourteen times in behalf of fourteen dead people.
    • pugwashjw65
      According to scripture [Eccl 9: 5,6,10 ] we simply do not exist after death...and in no way can we be responsible for other people...Scriptual instruction is aimed at each and every be obedient... Only false religion puts the responsibility for many on a few religious leaders...e.g. the Pope...He cannot save [redeem ] you..
  • No I don't
  • All people have the opportunity to grasp the truth within themselves
  • Nope! Hard to understand huh?
  • Yes at death, anybody who dies without Jesus has thrown all the opportunists away. Nobody is ever good enough Jesus is the only way.
  • No. Everyone is beyond redemption.... it's why you have a whole lifetime to try and qualify for an iota of it.
  • No one is beyond redemption. When it come to a pathological liar however, proof is needed before I would believe it. I do not get a witness to any change even in the smallest ways. Nothing.

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