• Quite a few times actually. I'm wondering if I should start reducing my friends on FB....cause I just don't know all these people and can barely keep track of my family
    • Linda Joy
      It might help to make groups. But you can also hide or suspend seeing some people or posts. I usually forget my password and old email addresses because my computer remembers them and then the computer dies and I start a new FB. I used to have a bunch of farmville friends. Not on my new page. Its mostly family and local friends and some old ones from MSN's Q&A. And most of them I accepted were friends with other Q&A'ers or friends with members of my Church.
    • Black Mystique
      What I want to know, is how can you keep people of FB that are in your friends getting notices of your activities? I had an acquaintance message me about something I liked....and I felt like I was being followed or something.....trolled

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