• Let's hope so !!
  • IIE means NO in Japanese. Interstellar travel is only juvenile fantasy. Space aliens can never come here. The fuel demands for such travel are impossible to fulfill. Matter has a strict speed limit and is so slow to overcome the vast interstellar distances. Excessive acceleration kills living things.
    • Linda Joy
      Black space is almost pure energy we just haven't figured out how to harness it yet, but it will be able to supply fuel for unlimited range eventually. But with telecommunications there is less need for travel.
    • Iron Mask
      What about folding space?
    • ReiSan
      Folding space is juvenile fantasy. Infinite fuel is needed.
  • That explains it! Wonder what that offspring would look like? !
    • Iron Mask
      Mr. Spock?
  • i have no idea
    • Iron Mask
      Nobody knows.

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