• No. Babies are still developing bones, muscles and organs, which might become deformed in a weightless environment. Even adults need specific exercises to overcome these effects.
  • There hasn't been a baby in space. The youngest person in space was Gherman Titov at 25 years of age. As said before, putting babies, or children for that matter, in space would be a very complicated matter due to their developing body. Have you seen the long-term adverse effects of children who have had their development harmed in one way or the other? Take for example the urban children when modern cities first started developing in the industrial revolution. Due to long factory working and apartment-style crowded living, they did not have much exercise or sunlight. As a result rickets became much more widespread in children under those conditions. Though there would be different problems in space than would be for the working class of the industrial revolution, you can still see how the lack of certain environmental factors can especially harm young ones.
  • not that i know of
  • Why would anyone put a baby in space?

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