• Losers and users which cover a lot of territory.
  • Probably but not on AB
  • my clumpsy moments
  • My past, just can't believe I wound up in this state of life after I planned it all out. Saw my father go through all this now me, That first job was the only means I had to make it. Some people can find other jobs and move on some can't I just could not rebound after it ended. For that I get mad about that I could not go forward (although i tried really hard)
    • Linda Joy
      It's not over Fox! You still have a half a lifetime of work left in you! Start by volunteering. It will turn into opportunities!
  • Nope. I have went through a declutterization, both physically and intellectually.
    • Linda Joy
      What about Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually? Sounds like your spring cleaning went deep!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      My spring cleaning? Uhh, the word intellectual is based on psychology. It is what revolves around the mind with the exception of finances.
    • Linda Joy
      Intellectual refers to reasoning and academics. I was suggesting other areas in which one might also declutter. Hence the reference to spring cleaning get it decluttering?
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      You can suggest elsewhere to get the answer you are looking for. I was referring to having the ability, both physically and psychologically to make better decisions, instead of piling up with unnecessary things and ideas. in?tel?lec?tu?al ?in(t)??lek(t)SH(o?o)?l/Submit adjective adjective: intellectual 1. relating to the intellect. "children need intellectual stimulation" synonyms: mental, cerebral, cognitive, psychological;
  • yes, probably where i live, i need to go elsewhere, i hate it here cause i never have anyone to hang out with

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