• Do stitches count?...jk...I have no piercings.
    • Linda Joy
      How many stitches did you get? How did you get them?
    • Azlotto
      Come to think of it, I never really counted them...I got most of my stitches from my dirt bike riding/wrecking days.
  • I currently have both nostrils, both nipples, tongue, navel, and three lobe piercings in each ear. I used to have a bunch of cartilage piercings but I took them out.
    • Linda Joy
      Dang girl! We could use you for a strainer!
  • no, i would hate to have something sticking into me all the time
  • Both ears, three times each but haven't worn earrings for over ten years now.
    • Linda Joy
      Rock on!!

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