• Greed of oil companies is my opinion.
    • Linda Joy
      How is it greed of the oil companies that they're not raising prices?
    • Rick Myres
      Every time it gets close to "pay day" for me each month the price of gas goes up.
    • Rick Myres
      Plus I did not see the part of you question about the price not going up.
    • Linda Joy
      Gas is at the lowest price it's been all year right now, and it usually goes up before Memorial Day weekend
  • I heard the other day oil is at a low price right now. The amount of oil used to produce fuel of the various types is actually about 1/4th the oil used. Most of the oil used is to produce plastics that is used everywhere today. Fuels are just an expensive product for the oil companies to make compared to plastics. Think for a moment of all the plastic products you use or see used.
    • Linda Joy
      Lots of plastic no doubt about that!
    • Thinker
      For sure! go look at and in your car and see all the many plastic parts used to build you car. Almost every part is made from crude oil. some are made of peanut oil for special parts as well as some other oils but crude oil is by far the most used. Multiply it by all the cars and trucks, buses, tractors, and etc.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't have a car. But I have plenty of plastic in my kitchen! It's also use a lot in hospital to save me from having to sterilize equipment nowadays.
  • I'm suspicious, too. I think the calm before the storm. The news said they lowered the prices to put the frackers out of business. Maybe they have the frackers on the ropes right now and want to land the final knockout blow.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you Bill! Now that makes sense! Because I know they can raise the price of oil anytime they want. I need to read up a little more on fracking.
  • i have no idea
  • maybe someone decided not to let it go up
  • Because the US is releasing its reserve oil to keep the prices flat. Funny how the US public is shitscared of socialist policies.... unless they are the ones benefitting from them!
  • cause we all got lucky
  • They the affected southeast. Everywhere else there's not a problem...but even so prices are rising.
    • Linda Joy
      This is an older question, and I learned they were keeping them down to crush the fracking industry before it could get off the ground.
  • Though an old question, I have a friend that is blaming gas prices going up from the Democrats, and his arguments are well backed. EVERY time they are in office, they have to get more money for projects that aren't really worth it, where they should just fund outdated programs and upgrade them.

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