• I just remembered; As a child (first grade I think) My dog, a little copper colored cocker spaniel stayed with relatives in the mid-west while we moved to California. The promise was we would go and pick him up in the summer. The months went by and anticipation was building for the trip and I would finally get to bring my dog, Penny home. I was so darn excited. The trip was at least a two day drive and I must have asked how close we were a hundred times. How many more miles, how long would it take. The excitement built to my jumping up and down in the back seat floor when we were almost there. About 15 minutes from the house I was told that Penny had died, hit by a car (I think). Wow, can you imagine the shock, utter silence from the front seat. Talk about jerking a child around. Had to put my cat down today, brought it to mind. Why do people jerk others around like that? Can't see the entire post so here it is again.
  • Parents think they are protecting the child from the upset, when it is the parents that don't have the courage to face the wrenching emotions of the child's pain and sadness. I would feel hurt by this and perhaps understand in adulthood their motivations.

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