• The Road Runner always wins. Wylie E. Coyote really tries harder.
    • Linda Joy
      I love the one where Wylie Coyote says but that defies the law of gravity and Roadrunner says sure but I never studied law.
    • mushroom
      I don't recall any dialog between the two and Roadrunner only says "meep-meep."
  • cant remember but i havent watched cartoons since i was a kid
  • I’ve learned that we start teaching children violence at a young age. We justify it because cute characters are committing these acts or “superheroes” are saving humanity through their violent actions.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      There was violence long before cartoons.
  • I prefer the old ones, I don't care about talking che
  • Our great lesson should be to make sure there is warning labels on everything that way people know it's dangerous to shoot yourself out of a cannon. And you might be hurt if you put rockets on your rollerskates. And that a small umbrella should not be used as a parachute when falling off a cliff. Nor will it stop large boulders from crushing you. We want to make sure that none of the morons hurt themselves with umbrellas.
  • that people do change and time is gold

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