• My first answer didn't show up, so I'm sorry if this posts twice. I've been saying we should do away with tipping for the longest time! Tipping should be optional- not an obligation placed on me due to a business not having to pay a liveable wage. I always tip well, but I hate it. There is a restaurant here that pays $13+ an hour to all staff and tipping is not allowed. I love going there. The service is great. The menu is not overpriced.
    • Army Veteran
      Tipping has always been optional in most places. "Feeling obligated" is a personal issue between you and your conscience.
  • Also, it really grinds my gears when pizza places charge a delivery fee ($3 sometimes!) and it doesn't go to the driver! The driver pays for his own insurance, gas etc. And then I have to tip them too. How does the business justify charging a delivery fee while paying waitress wages to drivers?
    • Linda Joy
      when I delivered pizza I got paid slightly more than minimum wage and 50 cents per run (for vehicle maintenance) plus my tip and they paid me cash to catch the dishes up! All I had to do was deliverpizza And fold boxes. And I was the only delivery driver during lunch.
    • AskingForaFriend
      I want to re-visit this comment I made years ago to say it’s 2021 now. The restaurant I like now pays $19.50 to new servers, with no tipping. I still go there and it’s thriving and not over priced.
  • I don't understand why my daughter tips the folks at Starbucks (which I absolutely hate anyway). They're making minimum wage, why the tip?
    • Linda Joy
      For good service? I don't go there either.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      They why not tip the guy behind the counter at McDonald's? Their coffee tastes like shit anyway, but it seems they have the air of superiority so tipping is expected.
    • Cats & Dolphins
      I've wondered that too. You have to tip the pizza delivery person ob top of the delivery fee. I think it's a way for these places just to make more money. Where I am the delivery fee is at least $3.50.
  • it dont bother me if they did a good job
  • Bothers me only when it is expected, or mandatory -- seems to be missing the point.
  • I think it is insulting to have the "gratuity" included in the bill. This is a way fro them to ensure that even the worst service gets tipped well. I will not eat at a place where it is included. If i see a waiter or waitress working their feathers off i will leave a couple of dollars on the table and then slip her more money just in case it is a place where they have to divide their tips
  • It should be done away with. Not all countries have tipping; the U.k. does not. In fact in some countries it's considered rude to leave a tip. The restaurants should pay their employees a decent wage.
  • Pay them a good wage and do away with tipping
  • Japanese have it right
  • Tipping is nice. Tipping culture is dumb. I waited tables once. Minimum wage was over $5 back then, and I was paid less than $2/hour "because tips." It was quite fine if I got a nice Friday dinner or Saturday shift, and could make $10-12/hour in tips. But, if I got stuck with Sunday lunch, I wouldn't get tips from the big families that came straight from church, often times with enough kids to take up my entire seating section, and then they would stay and chat and drink iced tea until dinner time anyway. So I'd make $1.94/hour and be doing just as much (usually more) work. So I quit that job and got something better, but that just means that some other schmoe ended up taking my place.
  • You mean "cow tipping"...right?
  • I worked the restaurant industry for much of my life. I ONLY tip if the service is good. I don't feel any obligation to throw money at servers for simply doing their job. I don't think it should be done away with though. If you don't like it, just don't do it. Don't ban somebody else from doing it though.
  • If you think bosses will voluntarily pay better, you should see a therapist to get you more of a real picture.
    • Linda Joy
      Some bosses do voluntarily pay more for better employees. And I do see a therapist regularly.
  • Only if the person deserves a tip and works hard for it
  • Leave it alone until there are laws for living wages.
  • It's a good idea. Not just to show someone you appreciate their skill, but more importantly to show buttheads you don't appreciate the attitude.
  • Wait staff should receive equal pay as the other employees since good food and prompt service is a cooperative effort from everyone. There should be no tips going to the wait staff - any tips collected should be saved and given to a local charity. This would make business and personal income tax less complicated. However, merit raises should be awarded to those who have earned it through their performance.
  • If you want better service, tipping is necessary.
  • a good tip to the right person can work wonders
  • In many nations/cultures tipping is illegal, and in many it is perceived as INSULTING. I find that quite interesting and refreshing. I wish our culture would adopt such laws and/or cultural mores.
  • Food tipping no but for excellent service, yes.

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