• I hope not but then it isn't our choice but the choice of the Illuminati and the Rothschild's.
  • I keep hoping that he will improve with time since we can't to a re-count.
  • He will be going on to a second term.
  • I hope not.
  • I don't think he actually ever expected to get elected in the first place. He's doing everything he can to get thrown out.
  • They don't throw anybody out of office anymore. As we've seen from past experience even murderers get away with it and still stay in office. I don't think he'll be thrown out for any reason other than being voted out if that at the next election.
    • mushroom
      No US President has yet been convicted in the Senate. Nixon resigned before articles were brought to the House, even though it was likely there would not have been enough Senators to vote for his conviction.
  • He'll probably last the full term, but could end up severely hampered with few accomplishments to point to by the time he gets there. If he continues losing valuable political capital through his obsessive tweeting, narcissistic behavior, and inability to compromise, Trump could very well spend (at least) the latter two years of his four year term as a lame duck president.

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