• Typical SN blowing studies out of proportion. There "genes" in question are interesting to the matter of brain function. That does not automatically mean there is a correlation. As for "being smart" I had a couple of friends who fell into that category. Tragic life to live as yes they may be savant, but they lose out on social and personal capabilities. Also, just look at Stephen Hawking. He cannot even wipe his own bottom let alone know what it feels like to eat and dance with friends.
    • Linda Joy
      So that's a no. Hawking's condition deteriorated over time and is completely unrelated to his intellectual abilities. Its very telling of your character though that you would criticize a crippled person so callously. I would agree being 'smart' definitely has its own set of challenges.
  • 5-23-2017 Nobody knows what intelligence is, not even the people who sell the tests. A scientist talking about intelligence is like a clown telling you "Pull my finger."
    • Jewels Vern
      "Smart" is a synonym for "hurt".
    • Linda Joy
      I respectfully disagree. Though it does present its own set of challenges.
  • *** Being smart when put in good used could be beneficial: The meaning of wisdom: Practical wisdom differs from knowledge and understanding. A person who has knowledge accumulates information, or facts. Someone who has understanding can see how one fact relates to another. A person who has wisdom is able to combine knowledge with understanding and put them to work in a practical way.
  • Being smart is good but smart without common since is worthless.
    • Linda Joy
      And Common Sense even harder to find!
    • Thinker
      It sure is!
  • Try being dumber and see how that works out. Then ask yourself that question again.
    • Linda Joy
      But if I'm dumber how will I know the answer?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You won't. So which is better?
    • Linda Joy
      Not sure. they say ignorance is bliss. Is it better to know someone's making fun of you or to be ignorant to the fact?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      IA fish doesn't know it's environment is wet. Does that make him ignorant and is he better off not knowing?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Speak for yourself, Bastard. You may see a bleak and hopeless future as you contemplate your friends' worthless lives on their fold-out couches, but I see hope in our future. If you have such dismal thoughts and blissfully hope for an asteroid strike to take out mankind, why wait?
  • probably
  • i think so
  • There are no such "genes" - it's just an assertion they make to grab more money for "research" to do from billionaires going senile.
  • The problem is having to live in a world that moves at a slower pace than you do and being understood.
  • i think so
  • Have you ever heard about those who are "too clever for their own good"? I appreciate emotional intelligence the most since that is where my greater challenge is. btw I don't give much credence to genes alone, mo more than I would a scribe. The author will always be a great mystery out of reach of mans folly.
  • Nope, it just means you get called a creep if you bring up the topic of long division in a club.
  • Being smarter is a matter of allowing time for others to catch up to you, then add to the conversation where others would know.
  • I had a friend who used to say, "I may not be very smart, but I'm smart enough to know I'm not smart". I always thought this to be a nonsensical statement until this question came along. Being smart has no more "challenges" than not being smart. We're challenged by our own perception of intelligence and the limitations we impose on ourselves. Smart people who think they're "challenged" are not using their intellect to solve the basic challenge of believing they're "challenged". A person with an IQ of 110 may not be able to function well in a crowd of people with IQs in the 150s but if a person with an IQ of 150 can't function well in a crowd of people with IQs of 110 - then he's not using his intelligence.

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